A Little About Teddy:

After twenty plus years of the corporate grind in aerospace, from time to time performing a little property management and dabbling in real estate investments, Teddy decided to fully commit to a career in real estate .
Teddy has developed skills as a strong negotiator. Skills that are useful when negotiating a contract for either the buyer or seller. He has years of experience in leadership positions and in quality assurance interpreting contracts on behalf of both the company and the customer. Now he will be putting those skills to work for the buyer and or seller.

Teddy has gained valuable experience while working for companies like Boeing Aircraft and Lockheed Martin Aerospace and assuring a quality product was delivered to the customers such as Continental Airlines, NASA, and the U.S. Government.
He holds licenses with the Federal Aviation Administration, a degree in Aviation Business Administration, a degree in Management of Technical Operations and a Real Estate License.
Now he uses his experiences and training in real estate to negotiate on your behalf and assure you a positive prosperous experience. 

Teddy’s Goal:

Just as you might have an attorney, accountant or doctor that you can count on, I would like to be the Real Estate agent that you count on. Your Realtor! I want you to contact me with any real estate question you might have whether or not you are buying or selling a right now. Questions you may have about taxes, equity in your home, interest rates, buying or selling your home.

Teddy “Bears” All To Help You “Branch” Out! 

Teddy "Bears" All to Help You "Branch" Out!No matter what your goal is regarding your home decision. I am here to help you in every way possible.  From a diligent work ethic to a technologically driven business, I use every tool at my disposal to help you and your family with your real estate and life descisions.  From buying and selling needs, to picking the best vendors or providing you with the latest community and school information, I really do "bear" all to help you "branch" out!